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Use this Chrome extension to get G Suite training while you use G Suite

I can already hear your first question: What’s G Suite? (Don’t worry, that’s definitely a valid question.)

G Suite is Google’s collection of business applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc. (but at your own domain.) It’s what Google used to call Google Apps. While I can understand the name change (because it can be confusing as to whether you’re talking about Google’s suite of business applications or smartphone apps) I’m not sure I’m in love with the new name. I guess it’ll have to grow on me!

That being said, I often find clients only use about 1/10 of G Suite’s power. My guess is, Google figured out this was the case so they’ve developed a handy Chrome extension called G Suite Training to help you learn how to use G Suite while you use G Suite. Ingenious, really.

OK, but what’s Chrome?

Great question. Chrome is Google’s web browser. It’s free, fast, powerful and, best of all, very secure. You can get it for free at http://chrome.google.com for Windows and Mac.

Chrome’s installed… now what?

Now you need to install the G Suite Training Chrome extension. Just click the link below then click the blue Add to Chrome button and, bam, that’s it!


All done. Now what happens?

Easy, now you just need to go log into G Suite and use it as you always have. But now you’ll notice lots of helpful tips will pop up to assist you in getting the most out of G Suite.

But what if I don’t have G Suite?

No problem, we can help you with that, too. Simply click this link and send us an email, letting us know you’d like to learn more about G Suite, and we’ll get right back with you.

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