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Fiber Optics

In today’s high-speed data networks, fiber optics are quickly becoming the preferred medium of choice. Fiber allows for faster data transmission rates and longer distances than traditional copper alternatives. Additionally, unlike copper wire, fiber needs no special considerations for grounding and is not susceptible to any form of electromagnetic interference. This electrical resilliency allows for greater fidelity in mission-critical environments such as large data centers or realtime automation networks.

Network Design

At EAS Technology Consultants, we pride ourselves in being the Wabash Valley’s leading fiber optics expert! Fiber optic networks present unique challenges for successful installation and termination. The precision needed when working with hair-thin fibers takes a seasoned expert as well as state-of-the-art, sophisticated electronics. We have a solid track record of expedient and reliable installation of fiber optic systems.

Certified Fiber

An important but often overlooked component of any fiber install is the certification report. At EAS, we test and generate a certification report for each fiber link. These reports verify that the fiber was successfully tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA standards and demonstrates the quality of the fiber link installation. Additionally, these reports can be referenced in the future if issues arise with the link. A second report of the link under test can quickly identify the location and type of fault-induced. Don’t be left in the dark without a certification report. EAS is your answer!

Services We Provide

  • Installation
  • Termination
  • End-to-End Tier I and Tier II Testing (OTLS/OTDR)
  • OTDR (Tier II) Report Generation
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Penetration Testing